We’re small, mighty, and move really fast. Corporations work with us to handle content production for their social media channels.

Here’s how it works:


We operate in a 30-day cycle to develop custom photography, videos, gifs, copywriting, and scheduling—all while staying true to your brand’s marketing priorities.


Corporations outsource their content production to us because:

✓ We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on, you know, your job.

✓  We operate at flat rates, so you can stay on budget with no surprises. 

✓ We do agency-quality production at (literally) a fraction of the price.

✓ We’re highly responsive, fun to work with, and we know our stuff.  


We’re overachievers, neat freaks, and planners. Our 30-day production cycle keeps it all regular. You’ll know exactly what’s happening and when, even when we’re moving quick.


Here’s what you can expect every month that you work with us:


Shot list creation

We get your marketing priorities, seasonal focuses, and new product launch direction for the month, and then we get to work. In a few days we’ll review our detailed shot list with you that plots out our concept idea, inspiration image or video, aesthetic, and any needed props. We get your blessing and start planning.



In just over a week, we develop a shooting schedule, source all props, and finalize our concepts. We’ll have multiple team meetings (you’re welcome to join!) so that our lovely experts are all on the same page.



Depending on your content needs, we’ll shoot anywhere from 1-4 days a month at one of our incredible studio partners’ locations. A lot of production teams will dawdle and take breaks, but not us: We work hard and play hard. If you want to be on set, great! Otherwise we’ll send you text updates for approvals on every shot. 



Following the shoot, we turn around videos and edited photos within 10 business days. You’ll receive all the files neatly packaged, named, and sized to your optimal specs.



Not to toot our own horn, but we’re really good at copywriting. We’ll prep and schedule optimized copy for every content piece we created and also recommend a posting day. With your approval, we’ll schedule all the content for you. Say goodbye to tiresome late nights in Hootsuite.



By the time your content is scheduled, we’re ready to go again (and all smiles).


Ready to get started? Us too.