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A delicious treat—until Wednesday.


As a special offer for select EFC attendees, I'm offering a discounted rate on my brand audit service until Wednesday, May 16th at noon PDT.  Here are the details.



brand audit

A trusted outside source to inventory of who you are and where you can go. In this intensive session, it's all about you. We'll establish your brand's goals, identify your competitive advantages, determine a visual strategy, audit your social media channels, and lay out a plan to help you get there. The service ends with a detailed recap that summarizes our discoveries and includes recommendations that can be executed with or without our team.

90-minute Skype consultation + written recap (40+ slides)


$750 (instead of $1,000)

until Wednesday only.


Finally, the clarity you need.

Building a brand is no easy thing. And if you've already built a brand that isn't working, it's even harder. 

We created the brand audit to help people get to where they want to go—with no strings attached. We'll assess your brand past and present to determine your future by providing advice that's efficient, economical, and effective. 

During your audit, we provide personalized answers to questions including: 


How can I make people care about my brand? 

What should my brand name be? 

Do I need a tagline? 

Is my logo working? 

What should I tell my photographer to get the best photos?

Is my current website good enough? 

How often should I post on social media? 

Why isn't anyone commenting on my social media posts?

Why is no one visiting my blog? 

What should my prices be for my product or service? 

Is there some secret to online success that I'm missing? 

What's my elevator pitch? 

What makes me different from my competitors? 

How can I update my logo? 

What should my visual mood be on social media? 

Where do I start with building a website?

Why isn't anyone buying my product?

How can I post on Instagram if I'm not a photographer? 

How do I find time for social media when I'm running a business?

Do I have to blog if I hate writing?

What's the best way to get speaking engagements? 

How can I juggle everything? 


And more. 


Ready for some you time?

Book your discounted brand audit before Wednesday.