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Javier Bajer

The coolest job you’ve never heard of.


As a cultural architect, Javier is commissioned by cities, businesses, and institutions to enhance culture and shift mindsets. He’s been hired by the city of Buenos Aires to make people feel safer using the metro system, Accenture to inspire its employees, and other brag-worthy ventures.




Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 4.55.54 AM.png

Javier’s previous brand had a lime green and cursive logo, which didn’t align with his sophisticated personality. By taking inspiration from the word “architecture,” we incorporated heavy lines, iron-like colors, and industrial textures. 

Yellow slide with black logo(from brand board)

We wanted to show the process behind Javier’s work. His job is complex with a steep learning curve for clients. We wanted a visual system to create some parameters while educating.

Black journal stationary with envelope on grey (from brand board)





Photography became a critical player in Javier’s brand. Instead of showing him in an office, we wanted to capture Javier immersed in a city, just like his field research before a job. We decided to have him shoot in busy neighborhoods of London, capturing the movements of people walking by him in thought. 

Simon's signature pattern
Stationary with speaker's badge (from brand board)

Javier’s enthusiasm is infectious, and his passion for his brand is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Javier lives his brand. After we worked together, he redecorated his office to visually align with the brand we created—a serious compliment as far as we’re concerned—and felt even more driven than ever before. He even emailed us asking for input on a potential desk and—spoiler alert—it’s in his office today.

Javier builds cultures, and we build brands. Working with him was a match made in heaven.