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Kate Payne

A secret weapon used by some of the world’s leading organizations. 


When Kate first came to us, we couldn’t find anything about her online. A steady stream of client referrals occupied her for the better part of two decades. A blank slate with limitless possibilities, we needed to build Kate a brand that would do the selling on her (and her referrers’) behalf. 





Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 4.55.54 AM.png
Stationary with speaker's badge (from brand board)
Yellow slide with black logo(from brand board)
Simon on orange couch, cropped as portrait

Kate shines a light to her clients’ strengths and weaknesses and provides techniques for improvement. Since the process is incredibly intimate and vulnerable, we elected for a yellow brand that alludes to Kate’s approachability, combined with soft neutrals. She tells you like it is, but with a smile, which we strived to recreate. 


As we began working with Kate, we were immediately awestruck by her kindness, professionalism, and knowledge. She has a way of making you feel acknowledged while also providing guidance. In photography, we chose to show Kate in a safe and comforting place—her gorgeous home—to stand out from competitors who thrive in uptight corporate environments. 

Photo of Simon (if Thanh can turn the green to yellow)
Simon's business cards

Since completing her brand, Kate has made a point to share the positive reception of her website. One compliment came from an executive, saying that her site has “broken the mould in a beautiful way.” We feel the same way about Kate.