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Rachel Begun

A nutritionist with a much deeper mission than fresh-pressed juice recipes.


Rachel is deeply passionate about the corporate communications of food, from sustainable farming all the way to producing less waste. She’s driven, focused, and direct, knowing exactly what she wants, yet still open about how to get there. That's where we come in.





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No apple logo for this nutritionist. Rachel believes that food is a personal experience, associated with dietary needs and preferences. “You’ll never hear me telling someone to eat kale if they don’t like kale,” she said in our first meeting.

Rachel’s mark symbolizes her respect for individuality with food. Even her brand sentence—nutrition is as personal as a fingerprint—emphasizes her perspective.

Black journal stationary with envelope on grey (from brand board)
Simon on orange couch, cropped as portrait

We needed to show Rachel in her environment, interacting with food, while also showing the thoughtfulness beneath her put-together exterior. A crisp navy gave us a beautiful neutral base, which was offset by pastel tones inspired by colors you’ll find in nature.

Stationary with speaker's badge (from brand board)

A writer and communications expert, Rachel’s site needed to accommodate text, so we were inspired by the modern layouts of magazines. 

Simon's business cards

Now equipped with a brand as forward-thinking as she is, Rachel’s continuing to push forward in her career. And if one thing’s for sure: her career will be as individualized as she is.