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Simon T. Bailey

A magnet who makes you want to be your most brilliant self. 


Simon wanted a refresh of his existing personal brand—an award-winning keynote speaker, author, and influencer. He’d grown in his career and perspective since his first logo was created. He wanted a visual system that was flexible enough for his books, courses, and social media presence. 





Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 4.55.54 AM.png
Yellow slide with black logo(from brand board)
Black journal stationary with envelope on grey (from brand board)
Simon on orange couch, cropped as portrait

One thing we quickly realized about Simon is that he’s stylish. His wardrobe is dazzling, full of smart patterns, luxurious fabrics, and a twist of style. Simon’s aesthetic is classic in sensibility, but he’s not afraid to stand out. 

Simon's signature pattern
Stationary with speaker's badge (from brand board)

Simon’s methodology when delivering keynotes lies in introspection. He believes every person has a true calling. You don’t need to become better. You need to let yourself be naturally brilliant

We selected a buttery yellow as his primary color to represent his personality: warm, uplifting. Taking inspiration from brands like Jonathan Adler and Ted Baker, we developed a brand for Simon that has an artful and mid-century modern feel. 

Photo of Simon (if Thanh can turn the green to yellow)




Simon’s previous site had over 40 pages. We consolidated the message into 6 beautiful pages.

By trusting in our process, Simon now has control over his user’s experience when they visit his site. 

Simon's website
Simon's business cards

Since working with us, Simon has launched a new program, created merch, and thrown himself into social media—all using his new brand. 

We’re thrilled that Simon let us create a brand that’s as brilliant as him. Here's a note from him on his experience working with us.