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Van Gundy Jewelers

A fine jewelry staple in Southern California.


With dedicated stores in Camarillo and Ventura, Van Gundy Jewelers has been family-run since the 1970s. Their jewelry collections are stunning—and their online presence needed to match in suit.

Photography by Harper Point





Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 4.55.54 AM.png
Yellow slide with black logo(from brand board)
Black journal stationary with envelope on grey (from brand board)

The Van Gundy family cares about its customers, with some clients dating back decades. The logo, inspired by the family’s history and genuine love for fine jewelry, was created with the intent to last forever.


For colors, we wanted a scheme that was inviting and stylish. The Van Gundy stores are inviting—you won’t find any snobby salespeople—and we opted for a comforting forest green to create a feeling of familiarity. We offset the dark green with a refreshing copper—which is both classic and edgy at the same time.

For other elements of the brand, we kept things simple: a pattern that repeats the Van Gundy’s logo, icons to showcase their services, and mint green backdrops for text layouts.

Simon's signature pattern
Stationary with speaker's badge (from brand board)

We didn’t want Van Gundy’s to be like any other jewelry store in photography, so we got creative. Taking inspiration from natural beauty, we incorporated different flowers and greenery to create visual contrast to the thoughtful construction behind each piece. Sticking with a warm-and-cozy feeling, we chose a dark setting for the photos as an unexpected artistic choice that’s unseen in the jewelry world.

Photo of Simon (if Thanh can turn the green to yellow)


With an updated site that brings Van Gundy’s from the ‘70s into the future, we love how every part of the Van Gundy project works together to create something beautiful.

Simon's website